How I Work

  • "I hugely enjoyed working with Jake. Let me tell you why... First of all there are his ears. His wonderful, all-hearing hearing ears. I watched them hearing all sorts of things that I couldn't for a couple of months last year, and wondered at their ability. The album we made together gets better every time I hear it, and that's coming from someone who generally finds it hard to listen to his own records. He is able to compartmentalise the various elements of a recording, keeping the clarity in the arrangement. Whilst balancing those elements perfectly to maintain the beauty of the whole. Then there's his ultra-professionalism. My kind of engineer; never late, never complaining, never a problem to put in that extra hour at the end of a long day. Always able to find a solution to a problem. And last but not least, his affability. Jake is a thoroughly good bloke and a pleasure to hang out with during and after sessions. He deserves every accolade he gets."
    Neil Hannon - The Divine Comedy
  • "I started working with JJ in 2006. I can't really remember a time I wasn't working with him. My music and his producing and engineering skills have developed side by side. I wouldn't go into a project without him. He has the best ears, is quick as a wink, knows his gear and runs a session like a dream. The only reason not to recommend him is there's only one of him and I need him available.”
    Murray Gold
  • "Jake is the most remarkable of mixers, amongst other things - probably the most inventive, nuanced and intuitive artist and technician we have ever worked with. He works lightning fast, something that is essential for the way we work in the studio and these days we have an almost psychic connection with him where we barely have to think it and it is done. He is also an absolute pleasure to work with."
    Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

In the modern day media world, I believe I have evolved the workflow required to create the best possible music. So that whether we are working in the best recording studios in the world, or your home studio, together we can deliver the highest quality recordings and mixes, in time and budget.
I understand the pressures on everyone involved and from all angles, whether working as a team at AIR, or Abbey Road, or mixing alone in your home studio, I put the same amount of time and effort into each project.


I am at home in the studio behind a Neve console about to record musicians. There is no better feeling than getting into the studio first thing in the morning, knowing what is about to be created, and being involved. I try and make sure everyone is happy, comfortable and fully understanding of what is required. I also understand that happy musicians will make better music, so creating the right environment is important. My main ethos is to be as transparent as possible so that the music produced is the most important element.


Quality mixes for smaller budgets

A lot of my clients have expressed a wish for superior mixes at a cost that is suitable with their budget. This is where Mix At Yours comes into its own. With over 17 years experience at AIR Studios and an in-depth knowledge of mixing for 5.1 and stereo on Consoles and DAWs, I have successfully transferred these skills to working at home studios. Mixing at Yours

Taking the working mixes, I come to your home studio, whether you work in Logic, ProTools, Nuendo or Cubase, I finish them, adding production, a fresh pair of ears and the relevant help to deliver them for post production.

This process is designed to help composers finish what they have started and make the most of limited time and resources.


If you need a mix, whether it is 1 cue, 1 song, a Pitch, 10 cues, 100 cues. I can offer you professional mixes, with my many years of experience.

You send me audio tracks of the mix, and I mix them, upload the mixes back to you. Of course there can be mix notes. You can even listen via a stream to save mix note time.

I can mix in Protools or Logic, and have many of the best plug-ins available. Including; Universal Audio, Altiverb XL, Soundtoys, Sonnox, Waves